Near to Nature - keeping it natural at Sheridan's Annual Food Festival this Sunday

Limerick company Near to Nature are keeping it natural with their new Health Bar range!

Near to Nature, Ireland’s hardest working health food start-up, are leading the way with their new innovative health bar range. This new Irish health food company are confidently creating functional snack bars and wisely using only 100% natural ingredients. And the result is more than just a snack!

Appearing at the upcoming Sheridans Annual Food Festival in Meath, Near to Nature (N2N) is a food company with nature at its core.

The N2N health bar range is the brain-child of Dr Thippeswamy (Swamy) Sannaveerappa a Food Scientist living in Limerick since 2009 with his wife Mahi and their 3 children. Before moving to Ireland, Swamy completed a PhD at Chalmers University of Technology in Goteborg, Sweden. His specialist PhD research subject was antioxidants in food and as Swamy himself explains “antioxidants fall under the category of bioactive molecules, molecules that are beneficial for human health including ones that are anti-inflammatory”. So its no surprise that the most popular bar in the Near to Nature range is the Turmeric Bar and it’s the only bar of its kind in Europe!

The Golden Age of Turmeric

The most famous anti-inflammatory food around, Turmeric seems to be having its golden age at present as everyone is trying to add more of it into their diet because of its natural source of curcumin. Curcumin is well known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and for its ability to aid in the regulation of Type II Diabetes as well as promoting liver regeneration.

Swamy wanted to use his PhD research in a practical way and was keen to develop a functional food product using the principle of bioactives or in plain English he wanted to make a snack bar with a much higher nutrient count.

A marathon runner himself, Swamy noticed that most snack products available on the market today (for either people involved in sport or not) are full of additives and ingredients that are intimidating. Originally from Chitradurga near Bangalore in India, Swamy was steeped in a food culture growing up that involved very little processed food so his natural inclination was to develop a snack bar with 100% natural ingredients.

All of the snack bars in the Near to Nature health bar range have no added sugar, no wheat, no gluten and no dairy and are all a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, all of the bars are vegan friendly. The full range includes Turmeric Bar, Cocoa Bar, Hemp Bar, Spirulina Bar and Kelp Bar and are available in most health food shops. 

Rory Nunan joined Near to Nature in 2016 and has a degree in Herbal Science from the Cork Institute of Technology. Together with Swamy, he has contributed greatly to the development of the health bar range using his background in herbal science to add another layer to this new and innovative functional food. More recently they have developed the Caraway Bar and theis will soon join the other 5 bars that are already available in shops.

For Swamy, the future is bright for Near to Nature health bars as the response so far has been amazingly positive. In Swamy’s opinion “snack bars are a versatile product but they increase in value when the ingredients are natural and the nutrient content is high”. It’s a win win for all involved and Swamy has plans to create countless product variations keeping his eye on the health bars as a functional food. They also have great potential to contribute in a therapeutic way – be it energy metabolism, cognitive function or anti-inflammatory to name just a few of the functions of some of the bars. Swamy firmly believes that we can get most of the nutrients we need directly from our food, even a snack food.

Near to Nature takes pride in creating the first snack bar of its kind and no doubt there’s plenty of science to back that up. For now they’re keeping it natural!